Best Spring Flowers for a Spring Birthday Celebration!

The arrival of spring flowers can help make any celebration feel more joyous. Here are some of the best selections that would be perfect for a happy birthday with spring flowers.

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The arrival of spring flowers can help make any celebration feel more joyous. For a happy birthday happening in the early months of spring, consider incorporating some of Mother Nature's gorgeous blooms into your festivities. Fresh-cut flowers are a wonderful way to add natural beauty and a sweet floral scent. Here are some of the best selections that would be perfect for a happy birthday with spring flowers.


One of the first spring flowers to peek out from the dirt is crocuses. Often seen in lilac, white, yellow, and purple shades, crocuses have three pointed petals and stripy inner markings. For happy birthdays with flowers, try tucking crocuses amidst a potted arrangement or pick a bunch to welcome guests at the front door. Their vivid splashes of color herald warmth is returning. Crocuses last 7-10 days indoors and spread cheer.


Daffodils are another classic spring flower choice that signals warmer weather is on its way. Commonly called the "flower of spring", daffodils come in various shades of yellow along with orange and white variations. Their bell-shaped blooms and pleasant fragrances lift spirits. Use a bunch of daffodils in a vase or scattered amidst a floral wreath as decor for the birthday festivities. Daffodils last longer than tulips, retaining their cheerful charm for 10 days or more.

Miniature Rose

You may be familiar with roses blooming in the summer, but did you know some varieties are perfectly suited for celebrating spring birthdays with flowers? One popular choice is the purple spring flower called the Fairy or Miniature Rose. Standing at only 5-8 inches tall, these petite plants offer all the romance of a classic rose in a compact form. Their lovely lavender to fuchsia hues make a whimsical statement. A potted Fairy Rose would make an enchanting centerpiece the birthday celebrant could enjoy for years to come.


Hyacinths are also one of the spring flower names that come to mind when thinking about spring birthdays- they emit a sweetly fragrant perfume that announces their cheery arrival in early spring. Available for spring flowers delivery in colors like pink, purple, blue, white, and yellow, hyacinth blossoms resemble miniature bells or fireworks atop their stalks. Place a glass vase of hyacinth flowers on the dining table to fill the room with their lovely fragrance during the birthday meal. Hyacinths tend to last 10-14 days, lengthening the enjoyment.


Tulips are quintessential early spring flowers that come in a rainbow of bright colors like yellow, orange, pink, and red. Their cheerful appearance symbolizes rebirth after winter's slumber. Tulips have thick petals that form a cup shape, attracting pollinators. Due to their sturdy structure, tulips make lovely arrangements that will stay looking lovely for over a week if cared for properly. Their bright hues are sure to bring a smile to the birthday celebrant's face.


While in many climates tulips and daffodils are past their prime by late spring, hardy spring flower varieties like iris persist into May and beyond. Commonly called the "flower of May", irises sport colorful petal fans in hues like blue, purple, yellow, and white atop tall stalks. Not only beautiful, irises also come bearing a subtle sweet scent. A bouquet of irises from a local flower shop in Philadelphia makes a pretty birthday gift that will brighten the celebrant's home for over 2 weeks as spring transitions to summer.

The six best spring flowers mentioned above would all make lovely additions to decorate for and gift during a happy birthday celebration happening in springtime. Whether going with classic tulips, daffodils, or hyacinths or more unique choices like lilies, peonies, or ranunculus, any of these gorgeous spring flowers from Philly’s Best Florist will brighten up someone's birthday celebration this season- order flower delivery in Philadelphia!

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