What Flowers Are Popularly Used For Funerals?

There are many great, gorgeous flowers that people commonly use during funerals and memorial services to honor the deceased. Choosing flowers for a funeral is one tradition that allows mourners to celebrate the person's life in a beautiful way.

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There are many great, gorgeous flowers that people commonly use during funerals and memorial services to honor the deceased. This article will talk about a few flowers in Philadelphia that are popular options. Often when someone passes away, their loved ones look for meaningful ways to remember them. Choosing flowers for a funeral is one tradition that allows mourners to celebrate the person's life in a beautiful way.


Lilies come in many different colors like white, orange, or purple. However, white lilies are probably the most popular choice for casket sprays, wreaths, or floral baskets. This is because white lilies represent purity and innocence. They signify new beginnings as the deceased person starts their new journey after death. White lilies also symbolize faith and purity of the soul passing on to the afterlife. Additionally, the beauty and strong fragrance of lilies can help provide comfort during a sad time of grieving. Therefore, white lilies have become a customary flower for laying at gravesides or placing around funeral photos.


Roses come in a variety of hues but red or white roses often show up at memorial ceremonies. Red roses express deep love and affection for the departed if you are thinking of ordering flowers for a funeral. They signify courage, respect, and honor for someone who has passed. Meanwhile, white roses represent innocence, purity, and spirituality. They too can symbolize a fresh beginning after life on earth has ended according to some beliefs. Given their symbolic meanings and lovely aroma, red and white roses are frequently brought to funerals as a thoughtful way to honor the deceased.


Orchids arrive in a wide assortment of exotic colors and patterns. Still, white orchids appear most regularly at memorial events. White orchids symbolize new life, sympathy for those grieving, and remembrance of fond memories. Their lively appearance can provide a bit of brightness during a dark moment. Orchids also last for an extended period of time compared to other cut flowers. So if you want to send funeral flowers these serve as a long-lasting tribute to the person who has passed on.


Carnations represent pride, distinction, and admiration to some. Thus they make for good funeral flowers too. Specifically, solid-colored pink or white carnations are typical picks. Pink carnations signify gratitude, sympathy, and motherly love. White carnations embody innocence, pureness of spirit, and peace of mind according to tradition. Their smell offers comfort as well. Due to these auspicious meanings and welcoming fragrance, carnations can be an appropriate bloom to get from local Philadelphia florists for funeral bouquets or displays.


Chrysanthemums, as the most popular flower in Europe, are also viewed as signs of mourning in numerous cultures worldwide. In funerals, you may notice mums in white or yellow. White chrysanthemums evoke sentiments of grief and sorrow. They symbolize truth, loyal friendship, and a pure soul transitioning to the next life. Meanwhile, yellow mums depict joy, light, and optimism - possibly emphasizing that while someone has died, their memory will live on brightly. Thus white or yellow mums may often ornament gravesites to honor the person who passed away.


Daffodils, which many know as a sign of springtime, also contain significance related to death and remembrance. Especially white daffodils represent new beginnings and eternal life. Their graceful blooms suggest long-lasting affection for the deceased. White daffodils can denote hope that there is more beyond mortality. As such, these spring flowers sometimes find a place in funeral flower arrangements, wreaths, or planted around headstones as a reminder that despite life's ending, there will forever be fond thoughts surrounding the one who is gone.


Tulips signify perfect love and sympathy for the sorrowful- perfect for funeral flower delivery in Philadelphia. Red tulips denote eternal love for the departed and can be given in their memory. White tulips reflect purity of spirit and serve as a message of condolence for grieving loved ones. Like other white funeral flowers, they may symbolize transitioning to a greater existence following this world. No matter the color, sending flowers to a funeral home will provide a pop of cheerful, comforting color during a funeral service or burial.


Gladioli, which come in various bright shades at many flower shops in Philadelphia PA, echo sentiments of faith, strength of character, and remembrance. Specifically, white gladiolus symbolize integrity and divine providence. Their stately blossoms suggest hope and courage - key things that help us cope with loss. So white gladiolus may decorate caskets or stand watch near burial plots as a sign of honor, respect, and condolence towards those grieving the one who passed.

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