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There’s something eternally attractive about Red Roses. That’s why, even after being so excessively used for centuries to express love and romance, the appeal of these classic favorites never dies or fades. A bouquet of Red Roses is still considered the ultimate ‘Grand Gesture’ in 2021.

The Red Roses Bouquet contains long-stemmed premium Red Roses beautifully adorned with Baby’s Breath and/or other fillers and greens and is placed inside a clear vase.

Red Roses and Romance are somewhat synonymous to us nowadays. While all Roses are typically accepted as the ‘Love Flower’, there’s simply no denying the intensity of the Red ones. Be it love, passion, or attraction, Red Roses express them in a strong way. This is why this extremely special bouquet is a gift for your significant other when you want to express your passion and love without holding up anything! Be it anniversaries, romantic dates, or any other occasion, there’s simply no beating to this classic bouquet.

Since we place the utmost importance on using only fresh and the best quality flowers in all our flower bouquets and floral arrangements, based on availability, the actual product design, colors, varieties, and container may slightly vary from the picture shown above.

Red Rose Bouquet



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